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Daily Links For Tuesday May 31st

With the Memorial Day weekend wrapping up and everyone heading back to work today, there was a real lack of news yesterday. Here is a quick gathering of links for the day. 

Do You Make The Call " Sabre Noise | A Buffalo Sabres Blog

Delusions of grandeur are still coming from some Sabres fans about Chris Drury


Stamkos suffered shoulder injury during playoffs | ProHockeyTalk
As the members of the Tampa Bay Lightning cleared out their lockers for the year, Steven Stamkos revealed that he'd been playing with a shoulder injury since the first round.


Cox: Winnipeg heading into NHL's brave new world -
The reborn NHL team in Manitoba will have to be frugal and resourceful to win.


NHL announcement imminent for Winnipeg - NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2011 - CBC Sports
It is expected that there will be an announcement today that would make the Atlanta Thrashers moving to Winnipeg imminent. 


Fan looks to recreate his famed ‘Canuckmobile’
The Canuckmobile lives! Well, actually, it doesn’t. It was scrapped three seasons ago, after that