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A Big DBTB Thank You As We Hit The Million Mark

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I just wanted to take some time and thank you guys for coming and visiting as Die By The Blade recently hit the one million visits milestone over the last couple of days. Starting when Terry Pegula took the team over and running through the Sabres playoff run, this site saw enormous growth and a huge influx of new readers which culminated in us reaching the 1,000,000 visit mark on April 30th.

Much of the credit for how this site started and where it is today is because of David Oleksy. Dave started the site on July 2, 2007 with this first post, and continued on with another 1,100 articles. Dave stepped aside as the editor-in-chief of the blog on September 1st but is still a vital part of this community and someone I'm extremely grateful for giving me my big chance in my blogging career.

Another thanks goes to the rest of our contributors, Andy Boron, Rafal Ladysz, krytime, and BBFan4ever. Without these guys, we wouldn't have nearly the amount of content that we do and we wouldn't be able to continue bringing all sorts of differing opinions and unique content.

With the offseason upon us, we are striving to continue to bring you the best in content and continuing to build this community to be the biggest Sabres community on the internet. Again, without you guys, we would just be creepy people spouting random crap on the internet.