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Daily Links For Sunday May 29th

The Memorial Day weekend weather here in Buffalo has been nicer than anything we have seen in the first three months of spring. With that said, here are a handful of links to enjoy before you fire up the grill. 


Playing Through Pain Is a Playoff Ritual -
Stoic N.H.L. players have been know to skate on through the pain, as did several members of the San Jose Sharks last week.


Memorial Cup final sold out - NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2011 - CBC Sports
Mississauga fans are getting themselves ready for the Memorial Cup Final with a sold out game, the first of the season.

Looking to go to the Stanley Cup finals? Expect to pay more than $1,000 for tickets | ProHockeyTalk

If you're looking to land tickets to the Stanley Cup finals in either Vancouver or Boston, get ready to sell your soul and other valuable things in order to get them.

Conflict of interest too big to ignore - Gallagher

The Vancouver media is starting already with the complaints about possible officiating problems.

For Bruins GM Chiarelli, a night of pride and joy - The Boston Globe

Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli gives his praise for a Boston team that just made the Finals.

Manny Malhotra Cleared To Play - Nucks Misconduct

The Vancouver Canucks have cleared Manny Malhotra to play after he suffered an eye injury on March 16th