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Who Was The Most Missed Sabre This Season?

I'd like to start this article by saying that this statistic is more of an arbitrary stat than anything really conclusive but it is interesting to look at nonetheless. TSN's Scott Cullen compiled win/loss records for players who missed time during the season. Here was Cullen's explanation as to how a player got on the list:

To be included in these measures (for the team-by-team list, click here), players had to play 25 games for a team and have missed at least 10 games -- for any reason -- be it trade, injury, scratched from the lineup, whatever.

But then, I made exceptions for the trade deadline acquisitions who would have played fewer than 25 games, because it seemed worthwhile to find out if the team was performing better or worse after they arrived.

This narrows Cullen's list down to 11 players that played for the Buffalo Sabres. After the jump, the list of players and more.

Player Winning Percentage In Game Winning Percentage Out Game Difference
Brad Boyes .738 .533 .205
Rob Niedermayer .606 .455 .151
Shaone Morrisonn .613 .500 .113
Mike Weber .612 .521 .091
Drew Stafford .581 .600 -.019
Tim Connolly .581 .607 -.026
Nathan Gerbe .563 .667 -.104
Patrick Kaleta .520 .694 -.174
Jordon Leopold .556 .773 -.216
Derek Roy .457 .681 -.224
Jochen Hecht .537 .800 -.263


Brad Boyes was a catalyst for the Sabres playoff run as the team's record when he was in the lineup was 14-4-3. Many of those games though, were games the Sabres just simply had to win and while Boyes made an impact, he was a tiny piece of that 21 game run. Boyes will make an impact on the team next year, hopefully in his more comfortable role as a winger.

Derek Roy's record in and out of the lineup is something that has been bandied about since Roy went down with the quadricep injury. The team turned around a month after Roy went down with the injury and they looked like a completely different team without Roy in the lineup. Does that mean that the Sabres are better off without Derek Roy? No, Roy was the team's best player before he went down and can only make this team better with his prescence in it.

See, I said this was a completely arbitrary stat because most of these differences come down to when a player missed time in the season rather than when he played. The stat is still a fun one to look at nonetheless.