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Increase Your Knowledge Of The Sabres Farm System

In the coming weeks and months we'll be debating about a whole smorgasboard of topics related to next year, and many of those conversations will likely involve the recent Sabres draft selections.

In order to give yourself a leg up when discussing these young players, I highly urge you to go read Kris Baker's Buffalo Sabres Spring 2011 Prospect Rankings, which you can find by clicking right here, in case you missed it in the Daily Links yesterday. Kris is one of the most knowledgeable guys outside the front office when it comes to the future of the big club, and his list has write-ups, statistics, and measurements for his top 30 Sabres prospects.

While we'll be covering the future of the Sabres a bit on this site during the summer, Kris' list is extremely comprehensive (seriously, this thing will take you a solid hour to read) and is a great jumping off point for any conversations involving the names Kassian, Adam, Foligno, McNabb, and Enroth, among others. If you're hoping that any of these guys will make the team next year, or if you're counting on it as part of a trade or free agent idea you have, this write-up will give you a much better idea of where these guys are at in their professional development.

Remember, folks, knowledge is power, so arm yourself with as much as possible before deciding something like "Luke Adam will be the team's second line center next year." Much thanks to Kris for always writing fantastic stuff.