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Daily Links for Tuesday, May 10

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Hey folks, thanks for bearing with us as we attempt to set the world record for most consecutive Daily Links posts with no other content on an SB Nation blog. We'll be getting back into it today and gearing up for the summer, with a lot to talk about - free agency, the draft, trades, renovations, and more. But hey, with these links it seems like nobody else is writing about the Sabres either ZING.

Portland Pirates: Wake-up call that a dream was over - The Portland Press Herald
The offseason begins after problems on special teams led to a loss to Binghamton in six games.

Sabres' prospects heading to Michigan tourney - Sabres Edge
Buffalos prospects will head to northern Michigan to take part in the Traverse City NHL Prospects Tournament, an eight-team event hosted by the Detroit Red Wings.

Uptown Sports Takes Stab At Gays on Twitter - buffalo74
There was a whole lot of uproar yesterday on Twitter as Uptown Sports (which represents Cody McCormick) Tweeted something that, let's say, most people didn't agree with.

New York Rangers' Avery supports NY same-sex marriage - ESPN New York
New York Rangers forward Sean Avery has given his support to the New Yorkers for Marriage Equality campaign with a 30-second video. Avery is said to be the first New York athlete to vocally support same-sex marriage.

Why the Flyers might not roll the dice with a free agent goalie - ProHockeyTalk
It's easy to say that the Flyers should add a free agent goalie or trade for an improvement, but are there really any good options for this team? This post explores that question.

Beyond the points: 10 valuable NHL playoff performers -
Ten NHL players whose playoff value goes beyond goals and assists.

Mohr returns to Las Vegas to host 2011 NHL Awards - NHL Awards
Actor, writer and comedian Jay Mohr will return to Las Vegas in June to host the 2011 NHL Awards and honor the League's biggest stars for the second straight year, it was announced on Monday.