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NHL Playoffs 2011: Scoreboard Watching for April 7th

So the Carolina Hurricanes didn't comply on Wednesday night and lost for us to automatically gain access to the playoffs. That means the Sabres need to get a point to get into the playoffs against the Flyers to end the chase to the playoffs. Until then, we take a look at the games on the scoreboard Sabres fans need to pay attention to.

Thrashers vs. Rangers

Season Series: Atlanta 2-0-1

Change in Playoff Chances: Rangers win (-.4%); Thrashers win (+.8%)

The New York Rangers have found themselves in this situation before last year when the Philadelphia Flyers passed them on the last day of the season with a shootout victory. The Rangers are now two points ahead of the Hurricanes for the final spot and with a win they could leapfrog the Sabres for seventh place in the Eastern Conference. The Thrashers have been out of the playoff hunt for a few weeks now as they have struggled down the stretch, losers of six of their last ten games. They have had success against the Rangers though, winning two of the three matchups this season.

Canadiens vs. Senators

Season Series: Montreal 4-1

Change in Playoff Chances: None

While the winner of this game doesn't affect whether the Sabres will make the playoffs or not, it does affect where the Sabres can finish in the Conference. The Sabres are one point behind the Canadiens for sixth place in the conference and if they lose, the Sabres would have a game in hand on the team. The Canadiens haven't done that though against the Senators. They have won the four of five games against and the last two by a combined score of 11-2.