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NHL Playoffs 2011: Scoreboard Watching for April 6th

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With the Sabres win last night against the Lightning, they could clinch a playoff spot with a Hurricane loss to the Red Wings. If the Hurricanes win tonight, the Sabres can still clinch with a point against the Flyers on Friday or the Blue Jackets on Saturday night.

Hurricanes vs. Red Wings

Season Series: Never Met

Change in Playoff Chances: Hurricanes win (-1.8%); Red Wings win (In)

The Carolina Hurricanes have won seven of their last ten games and have taken points in eight of their last ten. The Hurricanes essentially need to win out for any chance to make the playoffs. For them to leapfrog the Sabres, they would need to win out and the Sabres would need to lose out. The Red Wings have clinched the Central Division title for the ninth time in 10 years and could find themselves in a bit of coast mode as the playoffs start in a week.