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NHL Playoffs 2011: Scoreboard Watching for April 5th

With the Rangers comeback last night against the Bruins, it sends the Sabres back into eighth place in the Eastern Conference, three points ahead of the Hurricanes. The Sabres can move back into seventh place with a win tonight against the Tampa Bay Lightning, but there are two other games to watch while the Sabres are playing. 

Capitals vs. Maple Leafs

Season Series: Capitals 2-0-1

Change in Playoff Chances: Capitals win (+.1%), Maple Leafs win (-.2%)

The Toronto Maple Leafs have won their last three games in a row, but they still can't gain any ground on the playoff race in the Eastern Conference. They are still six points behind the Sabres for the final spot and with a loss tonight, they would be officially out of the playoff race. The Capitals have won their last two games and they are looking to move back into the top spot in the Eastern Conference. They are tied with the Philadelphia Flyers at 103 points. 

Blackhawks vs. Canadiens

Season Series: Never Met

Change in Playoff Chances: Blackhawks win (+.2%), Canadiens win (-.1%)

The Montreal Canadiens have found themselves falling down the conference standings in the last month or so and they are tied with the New York Rangers with 91 points. They have the advantage of only winning three games in a shootout this season, so they hold the wins tiebreaker against anyone behind them. A win tonight would give them sole place of sixth place again. The Blackhawks are still fighting for a playoff spot in the Western Conference as they sit in eighth place one point ahead of the Calgary Flames. 

Here are the chances in the top five most likely finishes to the end of the season: 

Record Chance of Making Playoffs
3-0 In
2-0-1 In
2-1 In
1-1-1 99.4%
1-2 88.7%