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NHL Playoff 2011: Scoreboard Watching for April 4th

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With the Buffalo Sabres taking three out of a possible four points this weekend, the team still controls its destiny of sorts in terms of making the playoffs. The Sabres are three points ahead of ninth place Hurricanes with three games left to play. They also have two more non-shootout wins so another regulation win should give them the advantage in the tiebreaker department.

There is one game on the schedule tonight that affects the Eastern Conference playoff race and that would be the Rangers and Bruins on Versus tonight.

Bruins vs. Rangers

Season Series: Rangers 2-1

Change in Playoff Chances: Bruins win (+1.0%); Rangers win (-.9%)

The Rangers are still on the cusp of making the playoffs while the Bruins are looking to take over the second spot in the Eastern Conference. It is going to be a tough game for the Rangers coming off the shootout victory on Sunday afternoon, but the Rangers know they have to win the rest of the games at all cost.

With the big games last night, the top five most likely records have changed dramatically. Here's the chart.

Record Chance of Making Playoffs
3-0 In
2-0-1 In
2-1 In
1-1-1 99.7%
1-2 91.5%