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NHL Playoffs 2011: Scoreboard Watching for April 3rd

With the Sabres in the biggest game of the season, there is one more game to watch that has playoff implications for the Sabres

Rangers vs. Flyers

Season Series: Flyers 4-1

Change in Playoff Chances: Flyers win (+4.4%); Rangers win (-4.6%)

The Philadelphia Flyers have had their way with the Rangers this season, winning the first four games of the series. The Rangers found their revenge with a 7-0 win on March 6th. If the Rangers win, the Sabres would move into the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference. A loss and a Hurricanes win would find the Rangers out of the playoffs. 

With the overtime loss and Hurricanes win last night, the Sabres chances of making the playoffs dropped 5.3% to 82.6%. With a win against the Hurricanes, those chances increase 16.4%, a loss decrease them 18.6%. Below is the chart of the top five most likely records to finish the season and their respective playoff chances:

Record Chance of Making Playoffs
3-1 99.8%
2-1-1 97.7%
2-2 88.7%
1-2-1 67.7%
1-3 37.4%