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Derek Roy Will Return For Game Seven, Connolly Out

Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images
Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images
Getty Images

Editor's Note: Hey, God, you know I'm just joking with this opening statement, right? You're not going to bring any holy wrath or anything on the Sabres, right? OK, cool. Just checking.

De-rek Roy is risen todayyyy. Haaaaaa-lleh-luuuuu-jah. Wait, that's not how the Easter song goes. Sorry, it just seemed an appropriate gesture for a guy who's been dead injured for three days five months.

Yes, it was a long winded and possibly tasteless joke, but the fact remains that Derek Roy will return for Game Seven on Tuesday, according to Lindy Ruff. Ruff also informed us that Tim Connolly would be out for Tuesday's match, though according to "a most impeccable source" Connolly's injury is to his shoulder and not his head (i.e. no concussion.) We'll update this post with any new information concerning Connolly's injury.

What does this switch ultimately mean for Buffalo? Unfortunately, it's probably more bad than good for the Sabres, as Roy most likely won't be ready to take on the 20-22 minutes per game that Connolly was logging in the playoffs, but it could be an emotional lift for Buffalo to see someone return to the lineup as opposed to leave it, as Pominville and Connolly have already done.

And let's not forget that Roy had 35 points in 35 games before he was injured. 

So where does Roy play? My guess is that he centers the third line, with Niedermayer and Gaustad or Boyes as your top two centers. What do think, Sabres fans? Do you want him to be a top-6 forward right away, or do you ease him back into the lineup?

Game Seven, in 45 hours. Can't come soon enough.