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Sabres vs. Flyers: Buffalo Offense Needs To Steal A Game If The Sabres Are Going To Win This Series

After the Buffalo Sabres evened the series against the Flyers with another 1-0 shutout, it showed the Sabres glaring weakness against the Flyers, the inability to score goals. The Sabres have only scored more than three goals in a game once, and they still lost that game. The Sabres offense needs to find a way to steal a game for the team if they have any chance of progressing into the second round of this series. 

This isn't a knock on goaltender Ryan Miller either. In the two wins the Sabres have, he has played spectacular games with 35 saves in the Game One shutout and 32 saves in the Game Four shutout. But, in both of those wins, he has had to shutout the Flyers because the offense could only muster one goal in each game. In the third period of those games, the Sabres played a shutdown defensive style and were more than happy to try and win the game by stopping the Flyers than trying to score again, which makes sense, but gives their fans a heart attack in the process. 

Ryan Miller can't shut out every game though. The Sabres offensive players need to step up and find a way to bury their scoring chances. The Sabres offense is lead by Marc-Andre Gragnani who has four assists in the four game and the only Sabre to score more than one goal is Thomas Vanek, who had two goals in Game Two. While in Game Four, both Tyler Myers and Brad Boyes each hit posts, the Sabres offensive players need to find a way to beat the Flyers defense and score four or five goals in a blowout win. 

The Sabres offense has been even more dismal when it comes to even strength goals. The Sabres have only scored eight goals in four games and three of those goals came on the powerplay. The Sabres need to figure out a way to score more even strength goals because the Flyers are giving up fewer powerplays as the series goes deeper. 

If the Sabres can pull that off an offensive bonanza in Game Five, then the momentum they would have heading into Game Six would be far greater than if they pulled off a one-goal win on the back of Ryan Miller again.