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Quick Practice Update: Significance Edition

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Let's hope Tyler Ennis uses his "maintenance day" to remember how to be an effective NHL player.
Let's hope Tyler Ennis uses his "maintenance day" to remember how to be an effective NHL player.

There were a few significant and not-so-significant happenings at the Sabres morning skate today.

Significant: Mike Grier and Tyler Ennis were given maintenance days and were not on the ice today. Andrej Sekera and Shaonne Morrisonn both did not practice, but no reason was given (both missed Game Three with upper body injuries.)

Not so significant: Brad Boyes was playing with Goose and Gerbe, and Drew Stafford was practicing down on the bottom line with McCormick and Niedermayer. Take that for what you will, but it's probably just due to the missing forwards.

Significant: Derek Roy was practicing on a line with Mark Mancari and Pat Kaleta. According to Paul Hamilton, Roy said that it's accurate to say he "may be back before the end of April," but I wouldn't hold my breath for his return in this series if I'm a Sabres fan (and I am.)

Not so significant but kinda funny: Pat Kaleta was practicing with a full cage because, in his words, he had a cold. Yeah, that makes sense. He more likely has a broken face, but the Sabres didn't offer any further explanation.

Lindy Ruff is not unhappy with his team, as he told them in the locker room that they're "right back where they were four months ago." He also mentioned the physicality of the series, saying he doesn't expect the Sabres to take away the will of the Flyers, but did say that he'd "trade hitting for scoring."

So would we, Lindy, so would we.