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NHL Playoffs 2011, Sabres vs. Flyers Game 1: Ryan Miller Makes All Of The Saves

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So much for the Flyers having a potent offense. Ryan Miller made 35 saves to preserve a 1-0 shutout for the Sabres in Game One of the Sabres and Flyers series. The Sabres offense was found by one of the least likely players to score, Patrick Kaleta

Kaleta scored with 14:04 left in the third period to give the Sabres the only goal they would need. He scored on a rebound off of a Marc-Andre Gragnani shot from the blueline. Kaleta happened to be in the right place at the right time to find the puck and get the puck in the net. 

The Sabres didn't look great in this game, being outchanced by the Flyers often in the first and second periods and the Sabres took a bunch of penalties in this game. They had a a total of 12 penalty minutes compared to the Flyers four. If the Sabres want to continue their winning ways against the Flyers, they are going to have to play a better all-around game against Philadelphia. 

Game Two of this series is Saturday night at 5:00 pm.