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NHL Playoffs 2011, Sabres vs. Flyers: Blogger Series Predictions

As the playoff series starts tonight against the Philadelphia Flyers, we decided to give you our predictions for the series at hand.

Zachary Zielonka - I'm giving two predictions and it's all based on whether Chris Pronger will return for the Flyers. If Pronger plays in the series, the Flyers win in seven. If Pronger doesn't play, Sabres win in six. 

Andy Boron - Flyers in 7. It's half reverse-jinx, half fear of Philly's killer forecheck and defensive corps.

David Oleksy - Sabres in Six. This series will ultimately be decided by goaltending. This series features two good offensive teams that will be able to score goals but I'll take Ryan Miller over Sergei Bobrovsky when the game is on the line.

BBFan4Ever - Sabres in 5. Philadelphia is reeling while the Sabres are on a roll. I believe Buffalo will easily solve Bobrovsky.

Krytime - I'm going with Flyers in six. I point to 12 total playoff games worth of experience amongst Myers, Weber, Butler, Sekera, and Gragnani, a potent Flyer attack, and a so-so year by Miller as my reasoning for the pessimism. I reserve the right to completely flip-flop if the kids named above show that the last thirty games served as 'playoff experience' and Miller absolutely steals two games early in the series.

Two of us believe the Flyers will win, two believe the Sabres will win and I just sit on the fence. What are your predictions for the series?