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NHL Playoffs 2011, Sabres vs. Flyers: Where To Start With This Historic Matchup

As the season was winding down and Sabres fans were looking at the possible teams to play in the playoffs, most fans were salivating at the thought of playing the Philadelphia Flyers in the first round. For most, the reason was the fact that the Flyers have been coasting as they regular season ended and that the Sabres have now beaten them twice in the final two matchups. For me though, its the fact that this matchup between the Sabres and Flyers is probably just as historic a matchup when it comes to the playoffs as any other.

The history between the two teams starts in 1975 in the first Stanley Cup Finals for the Buffalo Sabres. The Flyers eliminated the Sabres in six games, but that matchup created one of the more historic moments of the franchise in Game Three which would ultimately be known as the Fog Game:

Much, much more after the jump.

The Flyers and Sabres met again in the 1978 Quarterfinals where the Flyers eliminated the Sabres in five games. This playoff matchup didn't occur again for 17 years when the Flyers and Sabres met in the 1995 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals where the Flyers once again defeated the Sabres in five games.

This brings us to the 1997 Eastern Conference Semifinals. The Flyers and Sabres really did not like one another in 1997 with a regular season matchup on February 4, 1997 between the two teams resulting in a line brawl and a goalie fight between Dominik Hasek and Garth Snow:

After the two settled that game, Game One of the Eastern Conference Semifinal that year was just as fight filled with one of the most memorable calls in Rick Jeanneret's historic career:

The Sabres still lost to the Flyers in five games. The Sabres and the Flyers met the next year in the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals and it was the first time the Sabres eliminated the Flyers in the playoffs. The Flyers were eliminated in five games and in Game Five, Michael Grosek put the Flyers away in overtime:

After taking 1999 off, the Sabres and Flyers met in the 2000 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals. A year after the infamous Brett Hull goal in the 1999 Stanley Cup Finals, John LeClair scored through the net in Game Two as the Flyers eliminated the Sabres in five games:

The Flyers and Sabres met again in 2001 and the Sabres defeated the Flyers in six games. The Sabres finished the Flyers off in amazing fashion in Game Six of that series:

The Flyers and Sabres playoff matchup took five years off before the Sabres and Flyers met in the 2006 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals. The 2006 quarterfinal produced a bunch of good memories for the Sabres as they defeated the Flyers in six games, but the most memorable moment of the series wasn't a goal, but a hit:

Whether the Sabres and Flyers can create some more memories is yet to be seen, but that's what the playoffs are all about. We will have every angle of this matchup covered in the coming days but for a Sunday afternoon, its safe to enjoy a bunch of old YouTube videos to get yourself ready for this matchup.