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Daily Links for Wednesday, March 9

Well folks, you can't win 'em all. It6's been so long since we've gone without a point in a game that I almost forgot how to feel last night. It's like I expected them to win because, well, I did.

Welcome to the Party James Neal: Pens Beat Sabres 3-1 - PensBurgh
James Neal and Zbynek Michalek each registered their first goals in the black and gold tonight as the Penguins beat the Sabres 3-1.

Pegula's thirst for Cup allows Sabres fans to dream big - The Buffalo News
This is a fresh start, so let's agree the Buffalo Sabres are no longer the franchise you've known and loved, or the one you've chastised, for the better part of four decades.

Sabres battle back into East playoff race - ESPN
After a season-long grind on the outside looking in, the Buffalo Sabres are finally sitting in a playoff spot even if it's only by a point. 

Connolly Now - Hockey Rhetoric
"It seems that Connolly, more than perhaps any other Sabres player aside from Tom Vanek, exposes the morons within this fan base." An inflammatory beginning, I know, but it's backed up with a more reasonable argument.

BULLDOG: Worry When We Get There - WGR 550
"Our show starts to sound like there are only two kinds of fans. Those who think the Sabres will fail in their quest to make the post-season and those who are in a huge hurry to tell you that they aren't good enough to win in the playoffs anyways so why bother."

Max Pacioretty stretchered off after devastating Zdeno Chara hit - Puck Daddy
Spin the Wheel of Justice - how many games, if any, will Chara be suspended?

McKenzie: Difficult to make call on punishment for Chara - TSN
The Montreal Canadiens' fans have it all figured out.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman Travels To Arizona In Attempt To Save Phoenix Coyotes Sale -
Gary Bettman and other NHL executives are traveled to Glendale, Ariz. in an attempt to save the fledgling sale of the Phoenix Coyotes to businessman Matthew Hulsizer.

VIDEO: Stephen Weiss And The Incredible 5 Minute, 43 Second Shift - From Our Editors -
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