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Daily Links for Friday, March 4

Happy Friday, everyone! Try not to mope around in a cloud of depression all day.

Seventh Heaven: Hurricanes 3, Sabres 2 (OT) - Canes Country
The Carolina Hurricanes battled from behind twice, held on until regulation, then won the game on a Jamie McBain shot from the point as they defeated the Buffalo Sabres on Thursday night, 3-2 in overtime.

Overreactions, Edition 63: It could be worse. - 3rd Man In
The Sabres let a glorious opportunity to put themselves into a playoff spot skitter off their stick, blowing two leads in the second period before falling to the Carolina Hurricanes in overtime by a score of 3-2.

Is It Possible To Reach The Top Without Bottoming? Pt II - THE BEST OF NICK MENDOLA . . .LIVE
Part I was the warning. Part II is this post… some options to get the fix.

Who are you going to bet on in the East? - Behind The Net
"Buffalo appears to be the best team in the group, and with three games in hand, they'd likely have the most points if all four teams had played the same number of games."

Probert suffered brain disorder - FOX Sports
Bob Probert knew the fierce pounding he dished out and received over 16 seasons as an NHL enforcer was taking its toll as he got older. That's why he wanted his brain to be analyzed once he died.

Rebuilding Canes aiming for playoff push - The Buffalo News
Jim Rutherford, the Carolina Hurricanes' general manager, looked at his club in the fall and figured it was a transition year. Too many parts were gone to expect a lot.

All-Star cast of former coaches seeking jobs in tight NHL market -
To borrow from Mark Twain, who once wrote that you couldn't throw a brick in Montreal without breaking a church window, these days you can't have a bun fight in the media lounge at Montreal's Bell Centre without striking a former NHL coach.

Queen's, Guelph play second-longest game in hockey history - Buzzing The Net
The Queen's Golden Gaels and Guelph Gryphons had long buried it by the time the Gaels' Morgan McHaffie buried the winner early Thursday morning to end the longest college hockey game ever played.

TSN's Winnipeg Jets Meter Monitors Coyotes, Thrashers Ownership Troubles -
Canadian sports channel TSN has started their Jets meter, which is a daily look at the chances of the Phoenix Coyotes moving to Winnipeg .

Feschuk: Lord Stanley has never seen a hockey game -
The current Lord Stanley is a 12-year-old boy who has never seen a hockey game, plays rugby and prefers his hockey on a field.