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Derek Roy Could Return For Playoffs

Remember Derek Roy? He used to be a center for the Buffalo Sabres who was a point-per-game player this season. However, with all the good vibes stemming from Terry Pegula and the resurgence of the team, he's since become an afterthought. 

Well, to borrow a Jeanerette-ism, today Roy said "Nuts to that!" and skated in public for the first time since tearing his quad tendon on December 23. Before you get too excited, I should probably also say that it was just for a team picture. Still, that's good news for Sabres fans hoping that Roy can make a post season return.

Lindy Ruff was wishy-washy on the subject, but did say that Roy's rehab is right on schedule, and that he's still targeting a May return. WGR reported that Roy was laboring quite a bit while skating, so don't think he's coming back before then barring a minor miracle.

If the Sabres are able to make a run in the playoffs there's a good chance they could ease Roy back into the lineup - where do you envision him playing, Sabres fans? Back to the top line center, or start him off between two grinders? Could he work well with Brad Boyes, or are they too similar to be effective on the same line? It's an interesting scenario that, unfortunately, means diddly poo until the team clinches a playoff spot.

In other injury news, Jochen Hecht didn't practice today, as his upper body injury continues to keep him off the ice. The two Pats (Kaleta and Lalime) are also still out with knee injuries and have no timetable yet for a return to the ice.