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NHL Trade Deadline 2011: Roundup Of Links The Day Before The Deadline

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With roughly 24 hours left until the trade deadline ends, here is another quick set of links and musings on the Sabres and their possible actions before the deadline. 

Trade deadline: Sabres poised to make play for Richards, Stastny | Hockey | Sports | Toronto Sun

Bruce Garrioch is reporting that the Sabres could be a major player for either Dallas' Brad Richards or Colorado's Paul Stasny. Richards doesn't seem like a player that would make sense for the Sabres given that he is a rental and Darcy has stated that he doesn't want to deal in rentals this deadline. Darcy could say as many things as he would like to the media about who he is or isn't going to go after but until the deadline ends, we won't know what's actually going through his head. 

Stasny is an interesting choice for the Sabres though. He leads the Avalanche in points with 49 and is third on the team in goals with 19. He is also signed for four years for a cap hit of $6.6 million and would end up being that number one center that the Sabres have been looking for a while. The Sabres could fit Stasny under the cap this year without having to trade a player and the team has $22 million dollars in cap space with 11 players signed for next year. The Avalanche are going to want something in return for Stasny and the question is are the Sabres willing to give up current players to do so. Which leads to the next article. 

Sabres Edge - Connolly Untouchable?

A source is telling the Buffalo News' John Vogl that he was rebuffed by Darcy when inquiring about Tim Connolly, saying that the player isn't available. What does that really mean, we have no clue. It could mean that Darcy really thinks that Connolly's eight goals and 16 points are a vital asset to the team or it could mean that Connolly is a trading piece that Darcy needs to complete a bigger deal and wasn't going to listen to other teams. When big deals are going down, GM's have a tendency to say that certain players aren't available to other teams. 

What this all really means we won't know until roughly this time tomorrow. We will be here all day tomorrow with a trade deadline open thread starting at 8 am and running until the final deals are closed, roughly 5 pm.