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Blue Jackets Claim Craig Rivet On Re-Entry Waivers

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The saga of Craig Rivet in Buffalo has finally, mercifully, come to an end. ESPN's Pierre LeBrun has reported that Rivet was claimed on re-entry waivers today by the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Columbus is now on the hook for paying half of Rivet's $3.5 million salary. The Blue Jackets sit only two points out of a playoff spot in the tightly packed Western Conference, and will look to Rivet to provide veteran leadership and a steady defensive presence on the ice. 

Rivet's time in Buffalo started strong but has gotten steadily more disappointing over the past three years. Voted the captain by his teammates immediately upon arrival, Rivet was charged with injecting some maturity into what was then an extremely young locker room that was seen to have a "frat-boy" mentality.

After a solid first season that saw Rivet tally up 24 points and a plus 4 rating, Rivet's play slowly declined over the past two seasons, until he was finally benched by Lindy Ruff earlier this year, only appearing in 23 games.

As much as everyone likes to rag on the 36-year-old Rivet for his play on the ice this season, he should be commended for being a good soldier for the Sabres. He never put up a stink in the public about being benched as a captain, and any requests for trades were made behind closed doors.

As we say goodbye to #52, let's also say thank you for helping some of our young kids grow up over the past three seasons. Thank you for being a great teammate, even though we wished you could have produced a bit more on the ice for the Sabres. Good luck in Columbus.