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Daily Links for Wednesday, Feb. 23

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If you're like me, you've got a Terry Pegula hangover from overindulging on Pegula yesterday. But, much like an actual hangover, it was worth it at the time. If you haven't overdosed on Pegula yet, then you will, because we have so many Pegula links today that I dare you to read all of them. You know what, I double dare you! Don't make me double dog dare you - more after the break.

The Buffalo Sabres today introduced Terry Pegula as the team’s new owner during a press conference at HSBC Arena. A bit of biographical info included here.

Pegula makes the Cup his goal - Sabres Edge
Terry Pegula cried today while saying hello to his hero. Then, he became one to Sabres fans. (BTW, love that line - nice one, John Vogl)

A plea to Pegula: Don't let us down - The Buffalo News
Jerry Sullivan pens an open letter to the new owner.

Sabres Pegula Won't Panic - WGR 550
The difference between him and the past is he expects to win the Stanley Cup and expects to very soon. (He told me today three years or less) Past owners hoped they could get lucky and bring home the hardware.

The New Era - Between the Pegs
A blog entry from Terry Pegula's daughter Jessie. I linked this solely because it's a really interesting look into the mind of a teenager whose father just bought a professional sports team, but I'm slightly uncomfortable linking to the blog of, well, a teenager whose father just bought a professional sports team. If you're going to interact with Jessie or other members of her family online, please read this helpful link from Amanda at 2:00 For Rouging. If too many people are uncomfortable with linking to the young Pegula girl's blog then it won't happen again - feel free to voice your opinion in the comments or an email.

More Terry Pegula Hockey Heaven:

Pegula wants to make Buffalo hockey heaven -
The NHL Board of Governors today approved the sale of the Sabres to Terry Pegula, and besides it being good news for the fans of that club, it also might be good news for all hockey fans.

Pegula Matata? Holding Hope After Expecting A Letdown - WECK
Nick Mendola shares his thoughts on the presser.

Pegula Makes Instant Impact At Press Conference - Buffalo Sports Daily
The fourth owner in franchise history left an indelible impact on everyone, revealing some new characters to the organizational mix as well as the announcement of retaining an embattled one.

We Will Win Stanley Cups - Sabre Noise
He’s been a Sabres fan since 1975, and he wants the media and the fans to get on board – because the Buffalo Sabres will be engraved on the Stanley Cup. 

The Pegula Presser: Terry Drops the Gloves - buffalo74
Actually Terry, it’s Sabres Nation that would like to say to you – "Welcome to the family."

Christmas in Pegulaville: My wish list - 3rd Man In
The Sabres may not be doing much to give fans hope on the ice, but off the ice, today officially begins a new era in Buffalo Sabres hockey.

The coronation of Terry Pegula - Sports Talk Buffalo
A review of the press conference that includes a Jesus metaphor. Just in case your expectations have been too tempered thus far.

Podcast Day! - Buffalo Wins
These podcasts from Joe at "Buffalo Wins" and Heather from "Top shelf" are pretty solid (when you're not listening to Die By The Blade Radio, that is)

Happy Pegula Day! - The Willful Caboose
This picture perfectly describes how I feel about #PegulaDay

Well, did you finish them all yet?


Other NHL Links:

Clarke MacArthur: Will he stay or will he go? - The Globe and Mail
Leafs leading scorer may be on the move if he can't come to terms on new deal with Burke

Who wins the weekend's blockbusters? - THN
Two massive trades came out of nowhere in the past few days, so we break down which teams came out on top.

Rant answers: Trades backlash, Caniacs in panic mode, concussion questions - ESPN
Stars fans seem less than impressed with Monday's big trade. Colorado fans are even more disappointed with the Avs' blockbuster move.

Molson Canadian named "Official beer of the NHL" in new landmark league deal -
The $400 million deal will span seven years.