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NHL Trade Deadline 2011: Could John-Michael Liles Be Coming To Buffalo?

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John-Michael Liles has been a player that has been rumored to come to Buffalo since he was a free agent in 2007. The major connection to Buffalo has always been Ryan Miller, a player he played with at Michigan State from 1999-2003. Elliotte Friedman had this nugget in his 30 Things column yesterday: 

As for Liles, every year, he must submit a list of 12 teams he will agree to be traded to. His best friend in the NHL is Ryan Miller and it sounds like Buffalo is interested. By now, you've heard Toronto is, too. It is believed both Buffalo and Toronto are on his list.

Liles does have that no trade clause that Friedman mentioned and would be a good defenseman for the Sabres. He has 36 points on the season (6+30) and is an interesting offensive defenseman that is signed through 2011-12. With the glut at defense for the Sabres, adding another without unloading one wouldn't make much sense, but Liles would bring some more offense from the blueline.