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Daily Links for Monday, Feb. 21

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Definition of metaphor.
Definition of metaphor.

Happy President's Day everyone - make sure you thank a president today.

Recap: Caps 2, Sabres 1 - Japers' Rink
Recap of the Capitals' 2-1 win over the Sabres.

Overreactions, Edition 58: Well, Miller isn’t the problem - 3rd Man In
Ryan Miller‘s goaltending came into question leading up to his night off Tuesday in Buffalo’s shootout win over Montreal. After a break, there’s no question as to how well he has played since.

Four-game stretch will determine trade plan - The Buffalo News
The Buffalo Sabres' six-game homestand, which has started as ugly as anyone could have imagined, won't just help determine the team's playoff fate. It also will show Darcy Regier what he should do with his roster.

After early struggle, Myers boosting Buffalo's push -
Tyler Myers won the Calder Trophy last season, but increased expectations led to an early-season slump for him and his team.

Things I Hate In Hockey - Hockey Night in Buffalo
Caroline checks in with a solid list of things that need to go bye-bye in hockey.

The NHL’s five most disappointing teams - THN
Perhaps with the trade deadline so close, these underwhelming teams will look at making some tweaks to get them back on track.

Grading the Heritage Classic's Spectator Plaza/orgy of commerce - Puck Daddy
Like any big event, the Heritage Classic is an orgy of commerce in the "Spectator Plaza" section, which featured live music and $6.25 Budweisers and fans spending up to 20 minutes to get inside a cramped official merchandise store.