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Daily Links for Tuesday, Feb. 15

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With the Sabres not announcing any plans for their goalie situation other than "We have a plan, but we're not telling you," what do think will happen tonight? Will we wee Miller? Lalime? Enroth? Or will they just try to skate the entire game with the extra attacker? After the break, another Leafs trade (Versteeg to the Flyers) and Peter Forsberg retires after two games.

With Miller having started 31 straight games, questions arose Monday as to how the crease will be manned going forward as the schedule intensifies.

No word yet on Tuesday's goalie - Sabres Edge
Lindy Ruff and Patrick Lalime both said they were talking about the weather in their Clarence neighborhoods and not hockey during a chat in front of the net during practice Monday in HSBC Arena.

Thoughts on Miller - Hockey Night in Buffalo
Caroline gives some thoughts on Miller's season, the interview incident, and the rashness of fans.

Grabner, Stafford and Bryzgalov named NHL 'Three Stars' of the week -
Stafford is once again overshadowed by Michael Grabner.

Flyers load up for Cup run with Kris Versteeg trade - Puck Daddy
For Philadelphia Flyers GM Paul Holmgren, who traded two draft picks to the Toronto Maple Leafs for winger Kris Versteeg tonight, we imagine the thought process was simple: If you want to raise the Stanley Cup in Philadelphia this season, why not add a guy who raised the Stanley Cup in Philadelphia last season?

Peter Forsberg of Colorado Avalanche announces retirement - ESPN
Peter Forsberg's comeback is over after two games.

Posts NHL response to Pens-Isles brawl not tough enough -
The NHL has been on the edge and even gone over the top too often this season.

HNIC chooses to drape itself in the flag and not politics - The Globe and Mail
Hockey Night in Canada co-host Don Cherry chooses to avoid discussion of public funding of arenas in Saturday broadcast.

RESULTS: Lightning re-branding reaction survey - Raw Charge
We unveil some of the results of our survey (conducted February 2nd-9th) regarding the changes to the Tampa Bay Lightning brand that were unveiled January 31st.