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Montador Skating Again, Kaleta Ready To Return

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A quick practice update today featuring some injured players that should return soon: Steve Montador returned to the ice today for the Buffalo Sabres regularly scheduled practice, which is big news considering he was scheduled  to undergo concussion testing on Friday. We can assume he passed that exam since he was skating around in a red non-contact jersey this morning.

Montador almost definitely won't play on Sunday, and probably not Tuesday or Wednesday either, but the Green Teamer shouldn't be out too much longer. Update: According to Bill Hoppe of MSG, Lindy Ruff hopes Montador can have a full-contact practice on Monday.

In other injury news, Patrick Kaleta returned to a regular spot on the third line at practice and should be in the lineup tonight, which will please many Sabres fans. The odd man out with Kaleta's return was Paul Byron, who switched on and off with Tim Connolly during practice. Here are the practice lines courtesy of Mike Harrington:

Stafford-Connolly (Byron)-Ennis

The Sabres next play Sunday at 3:00pm versus the New York Islanders, who had a ridiculous game last night against Pittsburgh.