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Daily Links for Tuesday, Feb. 1

I'm sure Lindy Ruff is running the Sabres through this drill as we speak, plastic Gatorade bottles included.
I'm sure Lindy Ruff is running the Sabres through this drill as we speak, plastic Gatorade bottles included.

Welcome to February, worst month of the year. Think about it - this is the month where everyone gets sick of winter and spring is still too far away to think about, the biggest holiday is Valentine's Day (especially with Mardi Gras being in March this year), no good movies or video games come out, football ends, and hockey/basketball are in the doldrums of their respective seasons. At least February recognizes its own lameness and thus only has 28 days. Thank you, merciful February.

After taking five days off for the NHL All-Star break, the Sabres returned to the ice for an afternoon practice on Monday.

Returning to our regular programming - Sabres Edge
All-Star Weekend is over and the Sabres are back at practice, albeit a late one because of NHLPA rules.

Hamilton: Sale Of Sabres To Pegula Announcement Coming Thursday Morning - WGR 550
WGR 550's Paul Hamilton has learned that the sale of the Sabres to Terry Pegula will be made official on Thursday morning.

General (Manager) Ruff? - The Goose's Roost
Could Lindy Ruff take over as Sabres GM?

It’s Tom Golisano Appreciation Day! - The Willful Caboose
A day to look back at the good times with Grandpa Tom.

Pass or Fail: Tampa Bay Lightning's new jerseys, logo for 2011-12 - Puck Daddy
The new Tampa jerseys and logo look like the Maple Leafs logo had a baby with The Flash. But honestly, that may not be a bad thing.

Bergeron tops 'Three Stars' for the month of January -
Boston Bruins center Patrice Bergeron, Phoenix Coyotes defenseman Keith Yandle and Nashville Predators goaltender Pekka Rinne have been named the NHL 'Three Stars' for the month of January.

Tom Cavanagh: A tortured life - San Jose Mercury News
The one-time Sharks player waged a long battle against mental illness before jumping to his death.

Alex Ovechkin Versus The League's Best - Japers' Rink
How has Alex Ovechkin fared against the better teams in the League so far this season?

Stat Nerd: How do NHL All-Star players perform in the second half? - Puck Daddy
So, how do these best players in the first half do in the second half? Let's take a look at every player who played in any of the last five All-Star Games.