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Daily Links for Monday, Jan. 31

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Random hockey mom is unsure of exactly who Tyler Ennis is.
Random hockey mom is unsure of exactly who Tyler Ennis is.

Plenty to read about the All-Star break today, as Tyler Ennis returns home after successfully getting 13 seconds of TV time this weekend (and being introduced as a Florida Panther. Thanks NHL.)

Prospective Sabres buyer wows panel - The Buffalo News
Terry Pegula left a good impression during a meeting with the NHL executive committee Saturday morning.

Pegula drew violations as gas driller - The Buffalo News
In the course of making his fortune, the Florida billionaire negotiating to buy the Buffalo Sabres contributed heavily to politicians in a position to advance his business interests and established a less-than-stellar track record in the environmentally dicey business of drilling for natural gas, The Buffalo News has found.

Sabres forward Tyler Ennis was a member of the winning team at the Honda NHL SuperSkills Competition on Saturday night at the RBC Center in Carolina.

Which goalie is the most difficult to score on? - CBC Sports
Ryan Miller was voted second hardest goalie to score against by NHL players.

The Movement You Need - The Goose's Roost
A post where Ryan reasons with himself and talks about movies he doesn't like. Hockey is involved. A great read.

Team Lidstrom at Team Staal - 01/30/2011 -
The buzz was palpable all over town this weekend, and the atmosphere inside the RBC Center on Sunday was thrilling.

What motivated Patrick Sharp to win NHL All-Star Game MVP - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports
Even with a new format that created fresh buzz for the event, Patrick Sharp of the Chicago Blackhawks said "it's tough to get too motivated for an All-Star Game."

Top 10 most memorable moments of 2011 NHL Skills Competition - Puck Daddy
In case you missed it, here's the highlights.

Why the all-star weekend came up short - The Globe and Mail
While things got off to a roaring start with Friday’s NHL all-star draft the proceedings slowly devolved into the usual.

Brendan Shanahan helping improve NHL's image - THN
With some help from Brendan Shanahan, the league is improving its showmanship, which could help in its next TV deal.

Ten new events to save the all-star skills competition - Down Goes Brown
Here are ten suggestions for new events that the league should move quickly to implement.