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Daily Links for Friday, Jan. 28

Happy Friday, everyone! I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to the weekend quite a bit. In honor of that fact, there's a whole bunch of funny hockey links from around the interwebs after the break, for your (and my) enjoyment. And don't forget to watch the NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft tonight at 8pm!

Regier sees postseason within reach - The Buffalo News
Darcy Regier is an unwavering believer in his team and players even in the worst of times. It stands to reason, then, that the Buffalo Sabres have him exuding faith now.

"I say or write this every year, but I can’t believe it’s the All Star Break already!"

Mock draft III -- Who will Lidstrom, Staal choose? - NHL All-Star Player Fantasy Draft
What will Lidstrom and Staal do Friday night at the NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft? climbs inside their heads to see how it could work

Matt Moulson agrees to 3-year deal with Islanders - ESPN New York
Forward Matt Moulson and the New York Islanders have agreed to terms of a three-year contract.

The Rise of the Burger King - January
How one of the most hideous jerseys in the NHL came to be.

Rookies Vs Ilya Kovalchuck: The Calder Watch
It’s time once again for a look at how the best and most interesting of the NHL’s rookies match up against the 2,971,249,619.63 Ruble man.

Olli Jokinen Pics - Tumblr
A collection of the best Olli Jokinen Photoshops on the net.

Bettman Kidnapping Hoax - YouTube
From the "Onion Sports Dome" - Ryan Miller, Hank Tallinder, and Brenden Morrow kidnap Gary Bettman to drum up publicity for his "hockey playing league."