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Daily Links for Monday, Jan. 17

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Stafford pulling the trigger for Sabres - The Buffalo News
The right winger formerly known for disappearing has become one of the Sabres' most consistent producers.

Report: Sabres On List To Start Next Season In Europe - WGR 550
The Sabres and the other 5 teams mentioned have not yet accepted the invitation and any talks are in the preliminary stages, according to the report.

Monday Morning Stat Sheet -
A quick report on how things are going this year for future Sabres.

Sabres vs. Islanders: A Story in Pictures - Shots off the Crossbar|
A fun take on the last Sabres game through pictures. 

Mendes on Sens: Rebuilding routes -
Looking at different approaches Eugene Melynk can take to rebuild the struggling Senators.

What We Learned: Why big trades down the stretch are for suckers - Puck Daddy
We're about a month and a half away from the trade deadline, and fans are already outlining what their favorite team needs to get over the hump; to go from good to great and steel themselves for what is hopefully a long playoff run. But unless things change in a hurry, there isn't going to be much out there. And, if your team is looking to improve at the deadline, that's probably a good thing.

Giguère, Kiprusoff struggling to stay relevant - The Globe and Mail
Netminding pair no longer playing up to their hefty contracts