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Daily Links for Friday, Jan. 14

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Happy Friday, everyone! To celebrate the end of the work week, I have a links intro from Dr. Steve Brule: "Are you looking for more hockey info than the human brain is mentally capable of reading? Then just check out the Daily Links, ya doofus!! For your health."

Pegula can start with a bulldozer - The Buffalo News
Pegula needs to take over well before the Feb. 28 trade deadline, so he can begin cleaning house and put to rest any notion that this ill-conceived team is a contender.\

Vulgar Statistics: Thomas Hat trick Vanek - Black & Blue & Gold
Does Thomas Vanek get enough ice time as his talent should award him?

And About Buffalo - The Toronto Star
"I like hard-hit Buffalo for what it is, warts and all, and I don't even really like chicken wings. It's got personality. It knows what it is. After a week here for the world juniors, here's five things to like about the place." 

Milan Lucic out again for Boston Bruins - ESPN Boston
Milan Lucic is sidelined again as Bruins face the Flyers at TD Garden.

Sitdown with Sedins reveals subtle differences -
Could you tell Henrik and Daniel Sedin apart? Maybe not, but helps you distinguish between the twin brothers with a quick Q&A session.

Blues leading Kyle Wellwood to St. Louis with trail of pork steaks - Intent to Blow
The St. Louis Blues are hoping to add Kyle Wellwood by luring him from Russia with a trail of pork steaks, a popular St. Louis standby. Numerous "Kyle Wellwood is fat" jokes ensue.

NHL uses video room for more than just goal reviews - The Globe and Mail
Identifying trends in the sport and looking out for problems in arenas also part of the job description.

Bourne Blog: How practices evolve during the season - Puck Daddy
Throughout the course of a hockey season, the length and style of practice changes considerably - given that we just blew past the schedule's halfway point, it's about time for that evolution to take place.