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Daily Links for Thursday, Sept. 9

More jersey talk today, and after the break we have some fun links including NHL Monopoly and Sid the Kid looking more like the Say Hey Kid.

Pass or Fail: Buffalo Sabres' new road, alternate jerseys for 2010-11 - Puck Daddy
The PD community gives their vote on the new Sabres jerseys.

A sharper representation of the new white jersey - Sabres Not Slugs
SNS has a high-quality artist's rendition of the leaked away jersey that gives a much clearer picture idea of what to expect. Makes me hate it a bit less, but I'm still not thrilled (6 colors?!)

SB Nation's Mock NHL Expansion Draft: Winnipeg And Quebec Select 52 NHL Players -
2 Sabres were selected - can you guess which ones? Or you could just check the link and find out.

Hockey's best players by the numbers they wore -
As we slowly reveal our best Sabres list, has a list compiled from every player ever. Here's #0-33.

NHL Monopoly - Winging It In Motown
A cool take on the NHL here - the Sabres landed themselves a Yellow property. Even though the Wings blogger ranks the Wings as Boardwalk (debatable) it's still a real enjoyable read.

Video: Sidney Crosby homers out of Pittsburgh's PNC Park - Puck Daddy
Not too shabby for a sissy-boy diver (I kid.)