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Daily Links for Wednesday, Sept. 8

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Haven't seen the new jerseys yet? Click the first link!
Haven't seen the new jerseys yet? Click the first link!

In case you were living under a rock yesterday (or just don't use Twitter) the Sabres new road and alternate jerseys were leaked 11 days early. I have to say, while I wish we didn't have silver armpits on the roadies, I absolutely love the new thirds. What do you guys think of the new alternate?

Sabres Jerseys Now Leaked -
Icethetics confirms: the Sabres jerseys leaked yesterday are the real deal.

Back to Schoooool - Queen City Sabres
In which the Sabres pick school outfits, read summer vacation essays, and Thomas Vanek's diorama gets an incomplete.

Buffalo Sabres Wedding - Foolish Fans
I'm not sure whose wedding this is from, but it's pretty fantastic.

Season Previews, Twitter Style: 30 Teams in 1 Day - Jerseys and Hockey Love
This is a pocket sized preview of all thirty teams, in 140 characters each. Every one a twitter sized nugget in one place. I presume that I don’t have to tell you how twitter nomenclature works, or what a hashtag is. Thirty team previews, everything you need to know, all in one place.

Top 10 penalty killing forwards in the League -
Nary a Sabre is to be found, though Chris Drury still finds a way to haunt us. (Raise head to the sky, shake fists) DRRRRRUUUURRYYYYYYY!!!!

Province promises funding for new Quebec City arena - The Globe and Mail
Premier Jean Charest says the government is willing to pay 45 per cent of the building cost. Are we that much closer to a Nordiques return?

An in-depth review of NHL 11 - Down Goes Brown
DGB reviews the new version of EA's hockey juggernaut. I don't know why this guy hasn't been hired by Gamespot, IGN or 1UP yet.