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Daily Links for Monday, Sept. 6

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Happy Labor Day everyone, especially if you have today off work/school! May your day be filled with sipping lemonades in a hammock and such.

Sabres Preview #2- The Forwards - Two Minutes for Roughing
No prospies this time, but Amanda previews the forwards.

Top 10 Defensemen of the Northeast Division - Shutdown Pair
2 Sabres and 1 former Sabre make the list.

Celebrating 40 Years: The Captain 1970s - Sabre Noise
In two weeks, the Buffalo Sabres will start celebrating 40 years as a franchise entertaining the great city of Buffalo. Here’s a Sabrenoise look at the history of the franchise, through the eyes of the captain.

Kovy contract small price to pay to close CBA loophole - THN
With the league and the NHLPA agreeing to a new framework regarding long-term deals, teams are once again saved from least for now.

NHL, NHLPA bargaining session a win-win -
Early Saturday morning, the NHL and NHLPA resolved the long-standing dispute that led to the acceptance of the contract between Ilya Kovalchuk and the New Jersey Devils and also removed the contracts of Marian Hossa, Roberto Luongo, Johan Franzen and others from further investigation.

NHL 11 Review - Xbox 360 Review at IGN
NHL 11 comes out on Tuesday, and here's one of the first reviews out there.