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Daily Links for Thursday, Sept. 30

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The team previews begin to mount as we close in on the opening of hockey season.

No big surprises here. This leaves the Sabres with 35 players remaining in camp: 19 forwards, 12 defensemen and four goaltenders.

Sabres see Gerbe as goal scorer - The Buffalo News
Nathan Gerbe is pushing, scratching and shoving in an attempt to earn a spot on the Buffalo Sabres' roster. Coach Lindy Ruff thinks the left winger should just relax a bit and try scoring.

Rewind: Time to look back on 09-10 Back to Back Results - Double Edged Sabres
Vance tallies up last year's back-to-back stats, and the result is mild improvement.

2010-11 Buffalo Sabres Preview -
The Miami Herald previews the team and concludes that the team's best years may lie ahead of it.

2010-11 Buffalo Sabres Preview: What Can Tyler Myers Do for an Encore? - NHL FanHouse
Another preview, this time from NHL Fanhouse.

2010-11 NHL season preview: There's a new definition to NHL dynasty - ESPN
How do you define an NHL dynasty these days? It's not the way of the Canadiens, Islanders or Oilers anymore.

Senators think they're on the verge of something special -
After returning to the playoffs in 2009-10, the Ottawa Senators are confident that they're headed for bigger things this season.

Top 10 penalty killing defensemen in the League -
Tyler Myers gets an honorable mention.

CBC to broadcast hockey in 3D - The Globe and Mail
'Hockey Night in Canada' goes 3D with Habs-Leafs and Habs-Flames games