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Sabres Trim Another 14 Players Off The Roster

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After sending nine players back to their junior teams on Tuesday, the Sabres have sent another 12 players to Portland. From the Portland website:

Heading to Portland are: forwards Jacob Lagace, Maxime Legault, Dennis McCauley, Brian Roloff, Felix Schutz, Colin Stuart (pending waivers), Corey Tropp, Travis Turnbull and Derek Whitmore (pending waivers); defensemen Alex Biega, Tim Conboy (pending waivers) and Nick Crawford.

Along with the 12 players that were sent to Portland, Brayden McNabb was sent back to Kootenay and Marcus Foligno was sent back to Sudbury. 

The players sent to Portland aren't much of a surprise as those players really didn't stand out and still need some grooming in the minor leagues. There are still some players like Mark Mancari and Luke Adam that will get some more time in the next few preseason games before most likely heading back to Portland.

Unfortunately the Pirates only officially have those fourteen players on the roster and do not currently have any goaltenders. That is why the team had to announce that their preseason game this weekend had to be cancelled.