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Daily Links for Tuesday, Sept. 21

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More news out of camp today and more analysis from the news out of camp yesterday. Hey, at least there's news to talk about at all! Also, if you're a fan of increasing your depth of knowledge of the NHL rulebook, or just a fan of watching a video with about 15 awful headshots, then you'll want to check after the break. Haters of the new thirds should take the jump as well.

New attitude takes wing for Stafford - The Buffalo News
Lots of good things in this article about Stafford, from amping up his offseason training to putting the body on Ennis and Kaleta early in camp.

The Key to Drew Stafford’s Turnaround? - Double Edged Sabres
Vance digs a bit deeper into the Stafford article from TBN, posted above.

Well before Rob Niedermayer signed a one-year deal with the Buffalo Sabres, the veteran’s presence was felt in the locker room – at least for defenseman Steve Montador. Props to FloridaBuffalo for posting this in the comments of yesterday's links.

Hecht's goal is consistency - The Buffalo News
Thomas Vanek's leg and Tim Connolly's foot got the bulk of the concern during the Sabres' playoff loss to Boston, but it was easy to overlook Jochen Hecht's wrecked left pinkie as another major factor in the team's early exit.

NHL's new rules video aims at head shots - Sabres Edge
Here's a look at the official instructional video on new rules for the 2010-11 season, with particular emphasis on shots to the head now getting major penalties. The Matt Cooke-Marc Savard and Mike Richards-David Booth hits from last season and now five-minute majors. No minors. No judgement.

The new alternate uniform? Yeah, about that… - 3rd Man In
If you hate the new third jersey, well, let's just say you and Eric will get along fine.