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2009-2010 Report Card Wrapup

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Way back in May and June, we did the 2009-2010 report cards for all of the players that made an appearance for the Sabres last season. The one thing that we never did was give the final wrapup of what we thought of their performances. Here are the average rankings of all 29 players.

Underperformed (Ranked 1-4)

Chris Butler (4.03); Patrick Lalime (4.77); Clarke MacArthur (4.1); Nathan Paetsch (4.09); Craig Rivet (4.82); Andrej Sekera (4.67); Drew Stafford (3.36); Raffi Torres (2.45)

Met Expectation (Ranked 5-6)

Tim Connolly (6.01); Matt Ellis (6.1); Jhonas Enroth (5.69); Paul Gaustad (5.54); Nathan Gerbe (6.77); Tim Kennedy (6.52); Toni Lydman (6.42); Adam Mair (5.46); Mark Mancari (5.3); Steve Montador (6.71); Cody McCormick (6.71); Jason Pominville (6.04); Derek Roy (5.86); Thomas Vanek (6.16)

Overperformed (Ranked 7-10)

Tyler Ennis (8.38); Mike Grier (7.86); Jochen Hecht (7.42); Patrick Kaleta (7.9); Tyler Myers (9.29); Ryan Miller (9.3); Henrik Tallinder (7.23)

Following the jump, what this all means

These numbers really shouldn't shock an average Sabres fan because its how all Sabres fans have been thinking. Miller and Myers played really well and an average rating of 9 reflects that while Stafford continues being the fans' whipping boy. 

What is a little concerning is 14 of the 29 players only met expectations. While you want your players performing to lofty goals that most Sabres fans set, it would be nice to see more players shocking rather than almost disappearing. It also means that players like Sekera, Butler, and Stafford really need to step up their play to get back in the good graces of the fans. 

Ultimately, the play of last season is a moot point now with training camp three weeks away. What this does explains are the expectations for the upcoming season.