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Daily Links for Wednesday, Sept. 15

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Man, it's so nice to have plenty of hockey news to read these days. New rule changes, Sabres rookie camp continues Bobby Ryan signs, and best of all - the video below shows the HSBC arena crew painting the ice for the new season, and no Buffaslug!

It's a sure thing Ennis has a place with the Sabres - The Buffalo News
Ennis is going to be on the club. And there's legitimate hope he will open the season as one of the top six forwards, says Mike Harrington.

50 questions for the Sabres: 50-46 - Buffalo Wins
50 questions is quite the list - luckily Joe's broken it down into 5 question chunks to make your life easier.

NHL approves new tiebreaking system for league standings - ESPN
The NHL's Board of Governors approved a change Tuesday to the league's standings tiebreaking procedure, putting more focus on regulation and overtime victories.

Ducks, Ryan agree on five years, $25.5M - The Orange County Register
The Ducks and winger Bobby Ryan have agreed on Tuesday to a five-year contract worth $25.5 million.

NHL Preseason Power Rankings: It's Been A Long Summer -
SB Nation's NHL Power Rankings are back. In the preseason edition, we run away from a summer of contract debates and collective bargaining and actually get back to talking about what we all care about: hockey.

New Gear Day is hockey Christmas morning - Puck Daddy
This is probably the day I would be most excited for in the hockey season.