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Daily Links for Friday, Sept. 10

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Happy Friday everyone! Only another couple weeks until opening night for the Buffalo Sabres. Get your jersey to the cleaners now and beat the rush.

NHL 2010-11 Season Preview: Wrestling with Buffalo Sabres - Puck Daddy
From a few days ago. Sean Leahy previews the Sabres season in typically unique Puck Daddy fashion, comparing them to wrestler Marty Jannetty, Lindy and Darcy to cockroaches, and even throwing Hulk Hogan in there for good measure.

How to Establish a Rivalry - Two Minutes for Roughing
Do the Sabres have a great rivalry? Toronto is a bad team, Carolina hasn't been around long enough? Ottawa maybe?

Top 10 Goalies of the Northeast Division - Shutdown Pair
Guess who's number one. No, really, guess.

Getting to know Henrik 'Hank' Tallinder - In Lou We Trust
Shameless self-promotion alert: I answered a few questions for In Lou We Trust about their newest defenseman.

Wings help Modano get acclimated - Detroit Red Wings
Mike Modano admitted that Thursday morning’s experience could likely be the first of many awkward moments for the veteran center.

Wayne Gretzky checks in with, talks hockey hiatus, family, Coyotes - ESPN
Pierre LeBrun speaks to The Great One.