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Daily Links for Saturday, Aug 7

Hope your weekend is going swimmingly. Speaking of swimming, all the links today have passed the deep-end swimming test with the summer camp lifeguard, so they're good to go.

The Workhorse - Mile High Hockey
The Workhorse. Is it good for a goalie to start more than 80% of his teams games? Dustin Burfiend from MHH uses Conference Finals wins as his barometer. Of course Ryan Miller makes the list multiple times.

Tim Kennedy ready move to on after Sabres release him -
Tim Kennedy said Tuesday he was disappointed that his hometown Sabres waived him right after he signed a deal with Buffalo worth the $1 million arbitration award he had received.

Trying to sort out Buffalo sports - It's Always Game Seven
Nick sorts out his thoughts on Kennedy vs. Morrisonn, and leaves us with a few interesting facts at the end.

MacArthur, Kennedy and Arbitration: Validation for Darcy? - Shutdown Pair
Could Darcy Regier actually have done the right thing with his arbitration decisions? Gasp.

Maxim Afinogenov Signs with KHL - Bird Watchers Anonymous
We'll never get to cheer or boo him in Buffalo again. Fair warning - the link this link links to is in Russian.

Change in philosophy -
The philosophy used to be that NHL teams spent big bucks between the pipes, but times are changing.

Inefficiencies in Irrelevant Markets - Behind The Net
If you've read Malcolm Gladwell's excellent book "Outliers", you'll be interested to hear what Hawerchuk has to say regarding Gladwell's theory on Canadian minor hockey.

Off-season winners and losers - Down Goes Brown
With the draft complete, several trades in the books and most of the major free agents signed, the league's teams have had plenty of opportunities to reshape their rosters. And as always, some did a better job than others.