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Daily Links for Wedesday, Aug 4

The fallout from the Kennedy buyout continues today, with more reactions from everyone in Sabreland.

Sabres saving pennies makes no sense - The Buffalo News
Darcy Regier never came across as an unseemly character, so you wanted to take him at his word Tuesday when he insisted there were no ulterior motives for waiving Tim Kennedy four days after the South Buffalo native was awarded a one-year contract worth $1 million in arbitration.

Darcy Regier's meeting with the media Tuesday - Sabres Edge
The audio was linked yesterday, but if you want video of Darcy speaking, TBN has it. Now you can analyze every facial tick as well as vocal inflection.

Cap Shenanigans Hurt Sabres and Kennedy -
WECK's Nick Mendola discusses the Sabres presser and gives his thoughts.

The Internal Cap Proves Ownership Doesn’t Get It - Black & Blue & Gold
The title says it all.

My Letter to Tom Golisano (Plus, it has some of my thoughts on the Sabres summer) - Joe From NYC
Joe vents on the Sabres owner, which I'm sure most of us have in a private (or public) moment over the last few days.

Red Wings and Modano a perfect match - THN
At 40 years of age, Mike Modano still has enough left in the tank to help a Detroit team that could use his savvy on the third line.

Is There An 'Injury Epidemic' Because Of The NHL's Trapezoid Rule? -
The Trapezoid Rule is a hot-button issue in the NHL, but is it really causing an "injury epidemic?" Derek Zona investigates.

NHL 11 Gets the Ultimate Team Treatment - IGN
A big new feature in this year's EA Sports hockey game is...a collectible card game. Huh. Anybody out there ever play the MAdden or FIFA versions of this game? Is it any fun? NHL 11 is putting a different slant on the popular franchise mode by giving it the Ultimate Team treatment that both FIFA and Madden have enjoyed over...