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Daily Links for Tuesday, Aug 31

No matter your thoughts on how the Sabres handled Tim Kennedy, he's now a NY Ranger and will be visiting HSBC next year wearing enemy colors. Are you going to treat him with the same vitriol as a Satan or Campbell?

Kennedy lands with Rangers - Sabres Edge
South Buffalo native Tim Kennedy has reached a one-year contract agreement worth $550,000 with the New York Rangers, ending four weeks of misery after he was waived and had his contract bought out by his hometown Sabres.

Kennedy looking for right fit - The Buffalo News
This article was written a couple days ago, but provides some insight into Kennedy's head.

Tim Kennedy to Sign One Year Deal with Rangers - Blueshirt Banter
Our friends at Blueshirt Banter give a small rundown on the Kennedy signing.

No NHL ruling yet on Kovalchuk, as contract details leak - Puck Daddy
Earlier today, the New York Post reported that "the Devils' hopes to sign Ilya Kovalchuk have been confounded again, denied encouragement from the NHL on their second try at a contract."

Nashville Predators supporting new media with "Blogger's Row" - On the Forecheck
In light of all the talk last week about blogger access relative to the NHL, it's worth noting that here in Nashville, the Predators are extending their relationship with the local blogging scene by creating a "Blogger's Row" this season to provide access for an assortment of independent websites.