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Tim Kennedy Signs With New York Rangers

The Tim Kennedy saga has officially completed with Kennedy's signing with the New York Rangers Monday morning. The terms of the deal were a one-year, one-way deal for $550,000 which is a major discount for the Rangers. 

This contract is a win for the Rangers due to the fact that they get a decent player for what amounts to the veteran's minimum and Kennedy does win with the contract because he got the one-way designation that he was looking for. While money was certainly left on the table, most of it was recouped by Kennedy and he can now reprove that he is worth $1 million.

This contract really tells us that the major issue between Kennedy and the Sabres wasn't actually the money. The Sabres were offering a $800,000 contract and Kennedy ended up settling for a few hundred thousand less. The one-way vs. two-way designation was the major sticking point between the two parties and led to the situation that occured.

That being said, it is now time to move on from the Kennedy saga and start to focus on the season ahead. The first time we will see Kennedy will be during the home opener on October 9th. It will be interesting to see the reception that he receives from the fans in attendance.