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Daily Links for Tuesday, Aug 24

Today is my favorite day of the hockey off-season. And not just because we have some good Sabres links! Which we totally do. And other excellent NHL links, which we also do. Have. After the break.

Kennedy remains in limbo after Buffalo buyout - Lansing State Journal
The last week of July was a great time for Tim Kennedy. Then things went sour. Turns out he proposed to his girlfriend the week he got cut and was about to buy a condo. Ouchies.

Will the Buffalo Sabres Win the Northeast Division Again? - Bleacher Report
It's mostly a recap of our off-season and players, but also includes nice off-season recaps for each of our division foes, so check it out if you've forgotten what Ottawa and Montreal have been up to the past few months.

Sabres New Jersey Mystery - Sabre Noise
We have a pretty good idea of what the new home and aways will look like, but what about the mysterious third jersey?

2010-2011 Preview: Five Questions with a Buffalo Sabres blogger - On the Forecheck
There are a number of similarities between Nashville & Buffalo, besides the long-tenured coach & general manager. Zach answer some Sabres questions from OtF.

Hot Stove Topics kick off World Hockey Summit - Puck Worlds
The World Hockey Summit kicks off Monday night with a Hot Stove session at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. Check out the topics that will be discussed, and leave some of your own thoughts on them.

Agent: ‘No rush’ on Chara deal - WEEI
While the contracts of Sturm, Tim Thomas, Michael Ryder and Andrew Ference receive regular attention, a guy like Zdeno Chara prepares to enter what could be his last season in Boston. 

Coaching, not shootouts, is the NHL's greatest evil - THN
At the NHL's Research and Development Camp there was a lot of frowning directed towards the shootout. But this scribe doesn't see what the big fuss is about.

Some Tips For Your Fantasy Hockey League Draft - Blades Of Funny
Please do not actually use these as real fantasy hockey tips. You will lose. But feel free to laugh.