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Daily Links for Monday, Aug 23


"It’s a pretty special camp when you get the opportunity to see the quality of players that are going to be in next year’s draft, and some rule changes that I think have been packaged very nicely," Regier said.

Asham gets a deal while Kennedy waits - Sabres Edge
While the pride of South Buffalo sits home unemployed because he foolishly was told he was a million-dollar player, former Flyers winger Arron Asham -- an established player on a team that made the Stanley Cup finals -- signed a one-year, $700,000 deal with the Penguins.

NHL schedule feeds some teams exhausted opponents in 2010-2011 season - On the Forecheck
Playing games on back-to-back nights is a grueling aspect of the NHL season. But which teams will face the most opponents playing on no rest in 2010-2011? Buffalo is not in a good position here.

Brian Burke touts resumption of World Cup of Hockey - Sporting News
Count Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke among those who want to resume and expand the World Cup of Hockey. Last played in 2004, the tournament returns in 2011. And Burke is touting plans for more regularity to the competition.

Brian Burke's summer World Cup idea won't create new hockey fans -
I swear I don't wake up in the morning looking for reasons to snip at Brian Burke. But geez, it's hard to look the other way after his Tomas Kaberle fumble and now this silliness about using the World Cup to grow the sport. 

Lecavalier to undergo minor knee surgery; expected at camp - TSN
Tampa Bay Lightning forward Vincent Lecavalier will undergo minor arthroscopic surgery on his left knee, the club announced Saturday.

Twitter now the place for NHL tough guys to plan fights - Puck Daddy
In the past year, we've seen more and more current and retired NHLers join the Twitter revolution. What we hadn't seen, until today, were the seeds of a future fight planted.