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Daily Link for Sunday, Aug 22

It's time for another edition of "If you only read one thing today...", where we give you a second helping of the best of the hockey blogosphere in case you missed it the first time around.

Today's link comes to us from the enigmatic Justin Bourne, a former player who now owns his own blog and contributed to Puck Daddy last year as well. With all the hulabaloo over all the too many men on the ice penalties in the playoffs (including a painful one by the Sabres) I heard many fans saying something like "How does a professional athlete make such a (seemingly) stupid mistake?" Well, read on and find out.


How "Too Many Men On The Ice" Happens - Bourne's Blog
Ex-player turned blogger Justin Bourne explains the mystery of the confusion behind a too many men penalty, and it's more complicated than you'd think.