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Daily Links for Thursday, Aug 19

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The NHL Research and Development camp is in full swing this week, testing out new rules and changes to the game. Read about every wacky thing they're trying after the break.

Over the past few weeks, the plays have been boiled down to either Tyler Ennis' sweet feed to Adam Mair for a goal, or Ryan Miller's 4-on-1 save off a Marian Gaborik shot.. Cast your vote!

Sabres All-Star team - Sabres Hockey Central
After reading Jon Walters’ 40th anniversary team Adam was inspired to walk down memory lane and design his own.

What We Learned: The Hockey News 2010-11 Yearbook - From The Rink
The Hockey News Yearbook is out, and there are facts that amaze — and confuse — in its 200-plus pages. Check out what they learned about all 30 teams.

The future of the game, right now - The Globe and Mail
Once again, hockey’s greatest minds assemble to mend the sport’s cracks.

Hybrid icing quickly becoming a favorite among GMs -
With no-touch icing finding few supporters, hybrid icing, which leaves icing calls to linesmen, seems to be growing in popularity.

Mighty big faceoff circle you have, NHL development camp - Puck Daddy
Check out this freaky picture from R&D Camp.

EA Sports releases NHL 11 demo for PS Network and XBOX live - Sabre Noise
Jim Bateman gives his impressions of the demo.