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Daily Links for Wednesday, Aug 18

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Today is a very exciting day here at the Links - well, any day I get to link to  Justin Bieber hockey article is a great day. Which is great because it matches up so well with this link - a Justin Bieber song slowed down by 800%, which is the most trippy trance music you've ever heard. Not exactly hockey-related, but come on, it's August 18th, and there's three legit Sabres links here. Don't hate.

Is this the make-or-break season for Drew Stafford? - Sabre Noise
Sabre Noise has added Jim Bateman from the Niagara Gazette (among other publications) and he wonders if this is the year to give up on the dream of Drew Stafford.

Ryan Miller Interview - Video
Miller chats with the NHLPA about his love of music, biggest moments, and what he does away from the rink.

Pat LaFontaine a-buzz over Dreams for the Heart Camp Walk - Suite 101
LaFontaine last dressed for the Buffalo Sabres in 1997, but over a decade later, he is still working to keep fans focused on Western New York charities.

Habs' Strongest Position of Depth Now Its Weakest - Habs Eyes On The Prize
Mwahahaha - bad news for them, good news for us.

Guy Lafleur wins perjury appeal - Montreal Gazette
Guy Lafleur has been acquitted by the Quebec Court of Appeal of giving contradictory testimony at trial of his son Mark Lafleur.

For Many, Hartford Whalers Represent the Final Days of a Better NHL - PuckUpdate
Is Hartford Whalers gear outselling a significant proportion of active NHL team merchandise? It depends who you ask.

Kevin Weekes earns Justin Bieber endorsement, gets really famous - Puck Daddy
When pop star (and, like it or not, celebrity puckhead) Justin Bieber uses his Twitter powers for evil, he allegedly can cause thousands of dollars in damage through unwanted text messages. When J-Bieber uses his Twitter powers for good ... well, just ask Kevin Weekes.